Co-Innovate Visual Identity Development


Visual identity development brief

1 Key points:

1.1 Align all visualelements based on the look and feel of the new Designplus Co-Innovate website.

1.2 Communications materials need to be quickly and simply updated by the in-house team for individual activities whilst maintaining the highest design standards

1.3 We would like a simple two stage, 2 day, input. 1) Generate design ideas for the specified elements. 2) Refine these elements into lnDesign templates.

1.4 Elements which are fixed and must be maintained are (ref supplied files): The core identity elements inc colour palette, EU and Brunel logos, significant visual features of website.

2 ltems required:

2.1 A5 Card folder to hold A5 event and marketing materials.

2.2 A5 Booklet with easily updateable cover image/graphic for each event/activity. Related page layouts. Note that this also needs to be suitable for printing on standard laser printers -eg no bleeds.

2.3 Layouts for key content – suitable for use in A4 and A5 formats (as loose leafs and in booklets): General introductions, Case studies, Co-Innovate journey, Expertise and Resources. Note that these also need to be suitable for printing on standard laser printers – eg no bleeds.

2.4 A co-ordinated group of type styles (eg sizes a nd weights) for use a cross the va rious ele ments (ref type styles in use on the website and within the CMS)

2.5 A6 Post card, eg for invites and simple handouts

2.6 A2 Poster, eg for workshop activities

2.7 Stationery: Letter head, continuation sheet, business card (particular attention should be paid to use of Brunel and EU logos (note guidelines) on the footer. Also consideration of Designplus versions.

2.8 Other; discretionary element to brief – a visual approach to Co-Innovate diagrams, particularly the Co-Innovate journey diagram.

Written quotations are required by close of business on 26th April 2013.