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CO-INNOVATE FOR FOOD & PACKAGING | Industry insights brief

A short piece of sector and region specific market research is needed as part of the promotion and subsequent delivery of the Co-Innovate food & packaging sector activities. The work should result in a sector map and short report including actionable data (eg company names and network organisation contacts) with statistical analysis and verbatim quotes to be used in marketing communications and Co-Innovate business development initiatives. The work should take account of the Co-Innovate objectives and planned outputs (increased turnovers, employment and NPD amoungst the project beneficiaries) and our stated intention to target this sector (ref the bid document), combined with the inherent opportunities provided by Brunel’s research and resource assets and West London location.

Key elements of the proposed research are summarised as:

Part 1 Scoping study

Desk research utilising existing sector specific knowledge, contacts and existing data to generate; A) an overview of the relevant professional bodies, network organisations and initiatives which are part of the Food, Packaging and related ‘ecology’in the London region (eg leading to recommendations for strategic alliances), B) quantitative data on the numbers of SMEs in the food and packaging sectors in the London region and associated segmentation by sector specific focus (eg via SICcodes). Note that ERDF funding does not support retail businesses, so the focus should be on businesses who have greatest potential to engage with Co-Innovate, match our objectives and meet the ERDF London based SME criteria.

Anticipated deliverables:

A sector map including information from part A & B, ‘actionable’ spreadsheet of organisations and companies identified during the work.

Part 2 Industry insights

In parallel with Part 1, we envisage a number of telephone interviews with representative organisations and businesses from the sector conducted with the aim to elicit insights into; A) the sectors’ opportunities and challenges in relation to new product and service development, and B) potential ‘fit’ with the Co-Innovate offer and related knowledge exchange assets at Brunel University (Specific research projects, individual researchers, student projects, placements and graduate employment, facilities etc)

Anticipated deliverables: A summary report with particular emphasis on verbatim quotes and data which might be used to present the case for support and analyse the risks and opportunities.

Timescales and scale of work.

We have a food and packaging innovation workshop provisionally planned for November 2013 plus opportunities for collaborative projects with design students commencing in September 2013, therefore are keen to establish meaningful connections with companies in the very near future. We are open to suggestions of variations to the above proposed brief, but have budgeted for work to the value of @ £5k.

Written quotations are required by close of business on 17th May 2013.


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