Brand experts and Brand Managers from Greggs, National Trust and Hozelock take part in Brand Visions at Made in Brunel


“This work is amongst the very best at Made in Brunel, it compares with, or often exceeds typical professional standards”

Joe Ferry, Head of Brand Experience, Vertu

The Brand Visions work displayed at the Made in Brunel exhibition at the Bargehouse on London’s Southbank in June 2013 represents in-depth student research into a future vision for a brand and the products which might result from this vision.

Projects presented at the event for design and brand professionals included work for: Barclays, Blackberry, Greggs, Hozelock, Mens Health, Moleskin, National Trust, Pinterest, Poc. The audience included senior brand experts and brand managers from Greggs, Hozelock and the National Trust.

In the Q&A session Joe Ferry, Head of Brand Experience at Vertu, commented: “this work is amongst the very best at Made in Brunel, it compares with, or often exceeds typical professional standards”.

Over the years in which Brunel’s successful product and industrial design courses have been conducting this project as part of the curriculum, the work has consistently and accurately anticipated how trends in technology and society will effect new products and services. In his introduction to the event, Stephen Green, Designplus and Co-Innovate project Leader – and lead tutor for the work – showed an image of a 2005 project for Google. At the time Google was just one of a number of competing search engines. The project work correctly anticipated Google’s dominance and move to hardware, including the types of integrated digital and analogue experiences we are starting to witness with a concept for an augmented reality (AR) handheld device with flexible screen which can provide real time shopping comparison information.

Companies which have directly approached us to benefit from this brand Visioning work include Cambridge Audio, Psion and Sony.

The event booklet with details of 10 of the Brand Vision projects can be downloaded here, a comprehensive record of earlier Brand Vision projects can be viewed via the Made in Brunel Portfolio site.

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