Made in Brunel Awards

Congratulations to James Eaton for winning the Sports, Injury and Medical Award, for his Adjustable Sprint shoe.

Co-Innovate and Designplus would like to congratulate James Eaton, who won the Sports, Injury and Medical Award, for his Adjustable Sprint shoe. The award was part of the newly created Made in Brunel Awards, the category was judged by Stephen Green and sponsored by Co-Innovate and Designplus. The awards were presented during the Alumni Evening of the Made in Brunel exhibition on Saturday 15 June.

The Adjustable Sprint shoe was designed to address the issue commonly experienced by junior athletes, growing feet. Like most sports equipment, Sprint shoes can be a costly piece of essential equipment, and finding the right shoe is important. But with feet that are still growing this can become a difficult task, which has to be repeated several times even if the shoes have hardly been worn. James’s project tries to reduce the need for buying new shoes, by removing the heel and allowing the athlete to adjust the shoe to fit them, whilst their feet continue to grow. The athlete is then able to use their favourite shoes for longer, and increasing the lifespan of the shoe.

The design can also optimise the performance of the athlete, due to the reduction of weight from the removal of the heel, which has resulted in a 20% weight reduction. The sole design took inspiration from the paw of the fastest animal on the planet, the cheetah.

Congratulations should also go to the runners up in the Sports, Injury and Medical category; with the second and third prizes being awarded to Joshua Dettmar and Fung Chan respectively. All three projects are impressive and with different focuses, making the award difficult to judge, below is some information about the runner up projects:

Joshua Dettmar: The Easy Breathe Snorkel reduces respiratory dead space, to optimise breathing regulation during open water snorkelling.

Fung Chan: Digit Floss is designed to support and enable cleaning of hard-to-reach areas and can be used for passive rehabilitation for hand contracture.