Arthritis Research UK and Co-Innovate – Independent Living breakfast briefing

On Thursday 18 July, the Co-Innovate team were joined by 6 Academics, 2 charities, 2 Local Authorities, 4 Brunel Students/new graduates, 7 companies and 1 industry network, to present and discuss research and expertise within Brunel University and Industry, relating to the Independent Living sector.

The morning began with a keynote address from Arthritis Research UK followed by presentations from Brunel Academics and graduating Design Students. These acted as a catalyst for networking and discussions about potential collaborations, not only with Co-Innovate and Brunel University but also between the other attendees. The breakfast briefing was extremely informative, inspiring and enjoyable, and with a free breakfast included, what a productive way to start the day?

PDFs of the presentations can be found to view and download below:

Co-Innovate Introduction – James Duguid, Co-Innovate Innovation Director

Arthritis Research UK – Dr Inam Haq, Associate Medical Director for Education and Dr Tom Ainsworth PhD, Research Officer, Faculty of Arts and Architecture, University of Brighton.

Brunel Innovation Eco-system – Stephen Green, Co-Innovate Project Leader.

Who do you think you are designing for? – Dr Gabriella Spinelli, Brunel Institute for Ageing Studies.

Inclusive Design and ‘Fixperts’– Dr Hua Dong, Brunel Design and the Inclusive Design Research Group.

Brunel support for funding opportunities – Bal Ghoman, Business Development Manager, Research Support and Development Office.

Student Projects – Fung Chan and Culainn Boland-Shanahan