CO-INNOVATE MARKETING | Marketing contacts development brief


Request for Proposal

CO-INNOVATE MARKETING | Marketing contacts development brief


Brunel University’s Co-Innovate programme is an EU-funded activity that supports London borough-based SME’s in their innovation activities. It provides support by connecting SME’s with the innovation mentors and academic ‘assets’, human and physical, drawn from within Brunel University. The programme is running now and has until November 2014 to realise their targets for support.

The marketing challenge

The Co-Innovate team need to target and recruit SME business to support from within the London borough post code area. A variety of activities have been developed which will potentially help us engage with SME’s, the key challenge we face now is identifying and connecting with appropriate target SME’s to whom we would like to promote the service.

With this challenge in mind, we also need to exploit links with other business support and other business support organisations that are engaged with London-based SMEs.


We would like to obtain costings from you to assist in this marketing challenge, specifially we would like you to provide us with costings to undertake the following:


  • Identify through desk and telephone research relevant small-business support organizations that have either their own London-based clients or access to these audiences.
  • Provide a short profile of each intermediary organization in terms of:

    What they do
    Who their membership comprises of
    What size of membership they have if possible
    Types of members/SME audiences they deal directly with: sector, size, specialism, BAME, Women, Disabled etc.
    Who is the primary person for Co-Innovate to initiate contact with.
    One or two line analysis of potential value to the Co-innovate project

We have contacts some organisations such as MAS-London, but we want to expand on this and especially we are interested in intermediary organizations with access to BAME, Women and Disabled-owned businesses.


  • Identify through desk and telephone research relevant London area SMEs appropriate for targeting with the Co-innovate offer and specific events and activities
  • Each ‘contact’ company requires accurate and up-to-date information as follows:
    Company name
    Primary business activity (Certain categories of activity are not eligible for support)
    Name, position, email and telephone contact details for a relevant contact within the company (eg Owner, Senior Manager, Technical Director, R&D Manager etc)

We require sufficient contacts (number to be specified) to take into account typical attrition rates for specific marketing activities such as email events marketing campaigns.


  • Additional support required for following up the ‘A’ contacts is likely to include telephone communications with the organisations to set up meetings with Co-Innovate Managers and Innovation Directors
  • Additional support required for marketing to the specific ‘B’ contacts will be telephone communications with the companies to secure target numbers for specific activities and events – to supplement/complement the email campaigns managed by the Co-Innovate team


We are currently uncertain about the actual numbers of contacts required for item A and B above. We suggest discussion of target numbers of companies and network organisations that you feel are feasible to action, and within what timeframe and cost.


A Spread sheet of contact details etc as indicated for target network organisations (numbers of likely suitable targets/capacity to action to be discussed)

B Spread sheet of contact details etc for groups of SMEs in specified target sectors/areas (numbers of contacts and target sectors/areas to be discussed)

C Confirmed meetings with network and support organisations (‘A’ contacts) and confirmed attendance, participation from target SMEs (‘B’ contacts)


We’d like the work on ‘A’ contacts to be complete by the end of September. Work on items B and C we envisage as ongoing through the remaining period of the Co-Innovate project.

Request for Proposal

Please provide a proposal for this project including details of:

  • Experience of the company and individuals involved with the proposed work
  • Availability and timescales for completing the work (advise on your recommendations on volumes of contacts)
  • Costing for each of the specified elements (As there are presently unspecified volumes of contacts, please provide hourly rates and indications of associated contact volumes or equivalent information for us to fully evaluate budget implications

Please provide us with your written response by: 9:00am Wednesday 18 September.

Proposals will be evaluated against criteria and we will endeavour to confirm a successful company as soon as possible following the proposal deadline

References and contacts:

1. Co-Innovate



For further information contact

Paul Davies
Co-Innovate Operations Manager
Brunel University+44(0)1895 265 156