10 stats to show digital technology is creating a British business evolution

Websites, online banking, customer satisfaction, remote working – here are ten ways British businesses are evolving with the help of digital technologies.

Brunel University and business product marketplace Applegate are behind the study, which looked at the way digitisation is driving the evolution of British businesses of all sizes, though discovered large companies are more advanced than SMEs.

Here are ten stats from the study to show the status of digital business in the UK:

1. 98 per cent have a company website

2. 88 per cent make extensive use of online banking

3. 64 per cent find more than half of their suppliers online

4. 63 per cent expect digitisation to further improve customer satisfaction

5. 53 per cent provide remote access to staff

6. 52 per cent research customer requirements online

7. 46 per cent have an intranet

8. 45 per cent make more than half of their purchases online

9. 44 per cent spend more than half of their marketing budget online

10. 41 per cent have adapted their websites for tablets and smartphones

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