Co-Innovate website review call



Proposals are requested for a short exercise to review and advise on the evolution of the current Co-Innovate-Designplus website and online presence to take account of the initiative’s success in developing a programme of activities through to 2020 and beyond.  Key factors to be considered are:

  1. Optimum arrangements for hosting and maintenance of the site and content (the site is moving to a temporary WordPress ‘mirror’ site hosted on Brunel servers – awaiting the revamped Brunel site and recommendations resulting from this review).
  2. How Co-Innovate brand presence and content should be integrated reflected in other parts of the University site, in order for the initiative to have a profile commensurate with its significance (requires understanding the plans for the revamped Brunel site, related structures and approvals needed).
  3. How Co-Innovate should develop and maintain a ‘multi-channel’ online presence – eg embracing the opportunities of relevant social media, but within the practical constraints of the project and identifying the potential of various online channels.
  4. An approach to reflect that Co-Innovate has become the dominant ‘brand’ – eg Designplus has a less significant role (Designplus can potentially nearly completely ‘disappear’, although the Brand will be maintained in the background.
  5. Recommendations for development timescales/activities and a content development and maintenance schedule (ref human and budgetary constraints).

Anticipated activities/deliverables

  1. Meetings/liaison with relevant Brunel staff – summary recommendations with any identified costs/timescales for implementation
  2. Visuals of key screens to show the result of the recommendations (eg within the Brunel site and/or externally)


A key milestone is the Co-Innovate Journeys launch event at RBS in the City on 1st June. Eg the updated version of the website and associated content needs to be fully operational at this date as audiences will be driven to the site.

RfP deadline and assessment criteria

Summary proposals and inclusive costs should be submitted by no later than 9:00am, 11 April 2016. It is anticipated that the inclusive costs for the proposed review will be within a £2k budget.

The proposals will be assessed against the following criteria:

  • Level of understanding of the requirements, constraints and sector opportunities,
  • Cost effectiveness and ability to deliver within the stated timescales,
  • Indication of the likely appropriateness, creativity and impact of the proposers input.

Contact for queries and submission of RfPs

Katalin Rakoczy

Current Co-Innovate site: and