Can Brunel Business School students help you with an innovation challenge?

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Brunel Business School have an international reputation for excellence in education and research and are a key part of the University’s Co-Innovate programme aimed at London-based SMEs.

As part of their Co-Innovate activities, the Business School are now offering companies with some form of business or innovation challenge, the opportunity to work with a business school student on a collaborative  project.

Project subjects are set by the company and guided by the Co-Innovate academic team. A project would last around six months usually resulting in some form of advisory report being produced for the business.  In the past projects have looked at a diverse range of issues including:

  • Exploring international market entry strategy for a B2B manufacturing business
  • Assessing the business case for new product development initiative in the renewable energy sector
  • Researching  employee recruitment and retention policy development with a logistics business
  • Developing marketing and brand strategy for a cyber-security consultancy.

The process for getting involved with this student project initiative is simple: the company chooses the project topic and sets the brief; projects are then assessed for academic suitability; suitable projects are then presented to students who in turn, select a project they are interested in and engage with the company to discuss further. When both parties, company and student, discussed the project and both are happy to precede, formal agreements to cover confidentiality are put in place and work can start.

We don’t charge for this activity (with the exception of travel & expenses and any project related costs), but we do expect participating companies to fully support students by providing information when needed, attend regular progress meetings with students and so on. Students will undertake work inside the university, not in the company, and projects are supervised by academic staff.

What will I get out of it?

Feedback from previous participants stresses the impact that the energy and new thinking that a student brings to a company’s approach to a particular topic. Some student participants have even gone on to work with collaborating companies on graduation. In addition to the immediate benefits, participating companies can build invaluable connections within Brunel University London and its academic, research and support infrastructure.

What do I need to do next?

If you are interested in exploring how the Business School can help your company’s innovation and growth initiatives, you can find more information here, or simply get in touch with Ian Ferris: For the next academic year, projects start in late September 2016.