Our aims?

Designplus aims to:

  • create connections between industry and Brunel University
  • harness Brunel Design capabilities, knowledge and resources
  • build a sustainable platform for business and university design-based collaboration
  • widely communicate what we do to inspire good design practice.

Co-Innovate aims to:

  • build awareness and encourage a positive attitude towards innovation through design.
  • help SMEs in London to innovate and improve products and services through the exchange of information and intelligence regarding process innovation and design.
  • provide innovation advice and guidance to 150 SMEs in London.
  • assist SMEs develop new products, processes or services into their operations
  • increase expenditure on R&D and innovation services.

Whilst Co-Innovate aims to build upon the success of Designplus, the project has a specific focus of helping London based SMEs.

How do we do this?

Designplus and Co-Innovate facilitate industrial/University collaborations and connections based on design interests, emerging business challenges and design resources. Co-Innovate works to provide support to London based SMEs, whilst Designplus works with industry as a whole.

Designplus has been leading events, facilitating projects, offering professional development courses and matchmaking people with a shared interest in the economic value of design since 2004. We don’t just want to talk about these things, but we want to make a practical impact and difference. Our clients include leading multinational including Marks & Spencer, BT, Jaguar-Land Rover, Heinz, Sony, NCR and many others. We also work with individuals with great design ideas, start-ups, Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and charities to provide applied design support for product and service innovation.

Co-Innovate is providing design-led innovation, advice and guidance to SMEs, utilising an open innovation approach pioneers at Brunel University, including providing direct support to SMEs from laboratory facilities, testing and prototyping. The project will improve access and accelerate the transfer of knowledge and research expertise from Brunel University to SMEs in London; introducing a dynamic range of activities to support new product and service development leading to business growth for the participating companies and economic and employment benefits for the region.

We are funded by both the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) andthe UK Government Higher Education Funding Council (Hefce).

ERDF supports regional development through actions such as business innovation and support and regeneration.

Hefce promotes the innovative practices between universities and industry to enhance UK economic and social benefit.

At a time of unprecedented social, economic and environmental challenges it is important that we better harness our capabilities and knowledge within Brunel and reach out to the business world to collaboratively work together for mutual benefit.