How Brunel students can help with your innovation challenges

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Please email Paula Neal for more information.

Brunel University London has over 50 years of experience of working closely with industry on collaborative ventures. Projects with students, which is one type of collaboration, can take many forms. Through our track record we can demonstrate that with planning  and support the outcomes can lead to significant benefits to the companies we work with.

Companies can gain value from the projects in many ways, whether they are recent start-ups with limited resources for new product development, or SMEs wanting to establish or strengthen their links with Brunel University London, or charities, hospital trusts or multinationals interested in gaining a fresh perspective on a topic whilst identifying world class graduates for future employment.

This is an opportunity not only to access fresh thinking and new ideas, but also to add considerable value to a student’s education and career prospects, supporting the next generation of innovators.

Collaboration might involve working with a final year undergraduate on a 400 plus hours ‘Major Project’ on a single innovation challenge or with postgraduates on projects linked to their dissertations. Alternatively projects can involve a whole year group of up to 100.


Many projects are exhibited at the end of year graduate shows, for example at BRUNEL ENGINEERING and MADE IN BRUNEL in May/June, and included in an internationally distributed book of graduate design work.

Projects can involve expertise, talent and resources from any area of Brunel such as; product, service and digital design, psychology, electronic and mechanical engineering, computer science, business and material science, including working in multi-disciplinary teams.

All potential projects and the intellectual property arrangements are carefully discussed with the partner company, whilst the students are supported and guided weekly by their supervising tutor.

“Lucky enough, there are institutions like Brunel University and its Co-Innovate team, providing companies like Medirio (a medical start-up company), with some quality insight into the world of design practices, giving us the opportunity to really go deep into the realisation of a user-friendly (or user-enhancing) product. Getting to work with the students has been a really interesting experience and I am really happy with the results, so thank you for all you have done for our project Matteo De Donatis,Chief Product Officer, MEDIRIO SA, Switzerland

If you have a design or innovation challenge, collaborating with Brunel University London and a student or team of students can add an extra dimension to how your business develops. Please download and complete our Collaboration Brief Template on this page and email it to Paula Neal for consideration and review by Brunel University London.  See FAQs tab for details of the process from brief to project start.