A fresh approach to innovation

These case studies are just a few of the collaborations which Designplus has helped to establish.

Ormiston Wire
For a manufacturing and supply company, breaking into the retail market provides a number of challenges. Wire specialist Ormiston Wire used Co-Innovate as a step towards new product design.

Go to any festival across Britain, and frozen treats are at your disposal. That is the business of Whipsmiths.

From conference calls and instant messaging, to banking and home security, the digital economy is something SME Smarterkey takes notice of.

Gabe & Enid
Wanting to solve problems for parents, brand company Gabe & Enid set student Lizy White a 400+ hour design challenge to get a low cost access to product design ideas.

Gconsultancy Innovation
Innovation accounts for 70% of the UK’s future economic growth, but investment in R&D remains low. Gconsultancy Innovation turned to Brunel for a solution.

Blue Badge Style
The disabled are often overlooked when designing products. Blue Badge Style, with the help of Brunel design students have set out to change this.

Sound Forms Ltd
Veil is a lighting product prototype designed by Brunel student James Ward for a UK-based SME that’s redefining outdoor performances with revolutionary acoustic shells.

Brompton Bicycle
Becoming the UK’s largest bicycle manufacturing company is no easy feat, and Brompton Bicycle has achieved this after 40 years of hard work.

Mixed Freight Services
A report by Regeneris Consulting has predicted that expansion of Heathrow Airport could be worth up to £300 million a year by 2040. If this is the case, innovation will be a necessity for the SMEs and surrounding industry affected.

Jones & Partners
The first time he entered a design studio, Craig Jones remembers using magic markers. Now, the process of design has taken a new face, one considerably more fast-paced.

Collaborate with a Brunel Design student on their final year project
DesignPlus are looking to partner with companies who have challenging product design briefs

ONZO | Tio
Tio is a lightswitch which provides a simple way to engage and educate children.

FIRA International | The Vario Chair
A new design of school chair adjusts in three key directions at once, to fit students of all sizes.

Tom Dixon | Wing Fan
A design that has been overlooked for 130 years.

Hamilton Bradshaw | Hand Sanitisation Station
A hand sanitation station presenting a solution to improve the health of the commuting public

Woodhouse | Street Furniture, Lighting and Signage
This project uses a liquid to turn the entire heatsink component of an LED based luminaire into a ‘heat-pipe', transferring heat faster and further than a solid aluminium version could

Charge Bikes | Whisk
The Whisk is a Charge Bike concept which takes inspiration from the Raleigh Twenty.

LCR Hallcrest | Trigrip
Teaching children the optimal writing grip through thermochromics

PBFA | Garden Kneeler
Garden Kneeler Re-design – Inclusive gardening equipment

PBFA | Easy Back Photo Frame
Changing the way photos are inserted, aligned and displayed

Fira International | Flexible Workstation
Tomorrow’s employees require a balance between individual projects and co-working, which is why the ‘Flexible Workstation’ is designed especially for them.

Custom Creams | Improving a Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream Machine
Improving a Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream Machine

Aether Lighting Ltd | Project Whitewash
A luminaire designed to incorporate tuneable white technology and offer optimised thermal and optical performances

Craig Jones | Echo
A portable smoke alarm

Guy's & St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust | EasyHold – Enteral tube feeding
An assistive device for enteral tube feeding with children

ARM Limited | Desktop Server
The design of the ARM Desktop Server is a synthesis of a functional rack mount unit and a test bench.

Chas A Blatchford & Sons Ltd. | Exoskeleton
A mobility aid for older people.

Avon Protection | Integrated Helmet & Respirator
The primary function of the system is to allow respirator donning without the removal of the helmet, thus achieving faster donning speeds and improved overall safety

Anatomy HCD Limited | Bodhi
Bodhi is a footwear solution which, for portability, symbiotically wraps around the individual's leg while skiing.

Avon Protection | Avon Pure
This project focuses around the development of a sub-assembly within a full-face respirator designed to improve speech communication

BMT Defence Services | MAGCLIP Body Holster
The “MAGCLIP” body holster aims to solve the problems faced with the portability and operation of commercial tablets

Brady Corporation | Harmony First Aid System
The Harmony workplace first aid system aims to help users better manage, maintain and use their first aid consumables.

Jones & Partners | PATCH
Patch aims to reconnect consumers with the source of their food, by providing a means of growing their own edible plants indoors.

Brain Injury Rehabilitation Trust | Empower Shower
A shower system designed to aid people who have suffered a brain injury.

Custom Creams | Blast
This project focuses on developing the next generation of Cryomixers for the up and coming ice cream brand; Custom Creams.

DMM International Ltd. | Emergency Escape Device
The Emergency Escape Device is a connector that allows rescue and military personnel to escape from rigging in an emergency

Guy's & St. Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust | The Key Hub
A desirable device to assist young people in unlocking doors.

Guy's & St. Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust
Play Time is an interchangeable ‘picture fill’ construction toy that encourages varying ranges of vertical shoulder movement through play

Howletts Wild Animal Trust | African Elephant Enrichment
An enrichment feeding toy for African Elephants

Developing the next generation of WLS exterior cab lighting, providing increased visibility, productivity and health and safety benefits