Aether Lighting Ltd | Project Whitewash

In collaboration with Aether Lighting this luminaire has been designed to incorporate tuneable white technology and to offer optimised thermal and optical performances. It has been designed with the intended use being within art galleries and retail spaces where the appearance of lit objects is key to good business. By offering the ability to alter the warmth of the light, the users will be able to optimise the appearance of the objects on display, by enhancing the tones, textures or ambience. The optics have been refined to offer a generous, even, spread of light across a vertical plane, achieved through the profile’s geometry and the inclusion of a technologically advanced holographic diffuser. The lumen output has been determined through vigorous research into models on the market today.

The aesthetics of the luminaire have been carefully considered so as to not impose upon a room: the intention is to enhance the appearance of lit objects therefore the luminaire itself should not be a focal point. The aesthetics are such that the luminaire is seen to be at one with its surroundings, giving the impression of rising out from the surface. All these aspects create a viable market-ready luminaire.

Thomas Harries (Product Design BSc) in collaboration with Aether Lighting Ltd.