Anatomy HCD Limited | Bodhi

This project is a result of collaboration with Anatomy HCD, who set the initial brief of “Symbiotic Après Ski Footwear” and involved great participation from the Brunel Snow Club in terms of research, feedback and user testing.

Ski boots are designed primarily for performance; very little consideration is given towards comfort, mobility and safety off the slopes. Despite this, many skiers still wear their boots for après ski activities. It is common to find skiers awkwardly walking home or consuming drinks at the bottom of the slopes still in their ski boots.

Bodhi is a footwear solution which, for portability, symbiotically wraps around the individual’s leg while skiing. Afterwards it can be taken off and worn on the feet, replacing the ski boots. Bodhi offers a change in perception for après ski. Skiers can now comfortably enjoy partying, relaxing or the walk home in warm, safe footwear. The sole of the shoe becomes the primary focus of the design, the shoe blends into the user’s apparel when on the leg and the graphics on the base act as a focal point.

Ronan Taggart (Product Design BSc) in collaboration with Anatomy HCD Limited