ARM Limited | Desktop Server

ARM Limited | Desktop Server

In 2014 data centres around the world have started to be powered by ARMtm based Systems on Chip (SoC) that provide innovation in low energy consumption. To further the development of this technology, software engineers required a flexible enclosure dedicated to the advancement of server systems.

What the project demanded was an in depth understanding of the user and the way in which they wanted to interact with the technology. Being able to provide software engineers with a considered solution that could adapt to a variety of scenarios was vital for the design.

The project was developed by working alongside the expert users to ascertain how the design of the ARM Desktop Server could respond to their workflow. What limitations did current chassis designs cause and how could they be overcome?

The design of the ARM Desktop Server is a synthesis of a functional rack mount unit and a test bench, with both the functional and aesthetic developed side by side to provide a unique solution unlike any other type of currently available product.

Estelle Chung (Industrial Design & Technology BA) in collaboration with ARM Limited