Avon Protection | Integrated Helmet & Respirator

This project aims to take one of the prominent symbols of American heritage, the American fire helmet, and update its functionality without compromising its place as an American icon. The primary function of the system is to allow respirator donning without the removal of the helmet, thus achieving faster donning speeds and improved overall safety. The project has involved the development of a mechanism that allows a respirator to be attached to a helmet and then tightened to the wearer’s face.

The design uses an automatic magnetic locating feature that allows the user to operate the system without removing their gloves, balaclava, or other important pieces of safety apparel. A prototype was developed for the purposes of user testing and fitted into an existing helmet. Using this system, donning times were reduced up to 65% when compared to existing equipment.

Andrew Guscott (Product Design Engineering BSc) in collaboration with Avon Protection