BMT Defence Services | MAGCLIP Body Holster

Historically, the recording of data collected from maritime ship surveys is paper based and carries a significant administrative burden to collate and analyse the information. Blueprint software, developed by BMT Defence services is now being integrated into surveying practice to make the process easier and more efficient. Surveyors are now required to keep on their person and operate a handheld tablet amid the challenging environment found onboard naval vessels. This project in collaboration with BMT Defence Services aims to ensure that use of these devices does not impede the user.

The “MAGCLIP” body holster aims to solve the problems faced with the portability and operation of commercial tablets used by surveyors when moving about the ship. Interviews and observations carried out aboard naval vessels were crucial to gain valuable insight into the needs of the user.

The final product offers a multi-locational body attachment system that can be applied to a variety of protective casings available for commercial tablets. “MAGCLIP” provides users with the means to improve both speed and the ability to stow and access their device.

Ben Alport (Industrial Design & Technology BA) in collaboration with BMT Defence Services.