Brain Injury Rehabilitation Trust | Empower Shower


The Brain Injury Rehabilitation Trust support people who have sustained a brain injury between leaving hospital and returning home. Within this transition, one key area that requires the implementation of new technology is showering.

Empower Shower began with theoretical research and expert opinions. Based on this, the research branched into observations and group sessions with the users themselves, to fully determine their needs. The users were offered options in tactility, size, shape, contrast and colour and layout. This was followed with preferences and refinement of the interface. Empower Shower also engaged with industry experts to develop the shower system and the technology inside, to allow maximum flexibility providing for all user scenarios.

“From our point of view, this experience was excellent. Rebecca did a great job to liaise with all of us, and in incorporating our needs (particularly service users’) into her final design. It was great to have a fresh perspective on the problem posed by the brief.” The Brain Injury Rehabilitation Trust

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Rebecca Hodge (Industrial Design & Technology BA) in collaboration with the Brain Injury Rehabilitation Trust (