Charge Bikes | Whisk

The Whisk is a Charge Bike concept which takes inspiration from the Raleigh Twenty. The Twenty, or ‘Shopper’ bike was extremely popular and Raleigh’s highest selling model throughout the 70s and 80s due to its practicality, value, one size fits all and compact size. The Whisk is an on-trend and contemporary re-design with versatility to reflect the rider’s personality and style, and can be ridden by men and women. It has 24 inch wheels, split Top Tube which extends to the Rear Dropouts and typically has an upright riding position. The characteristics of this bike instantly differentiates itself from competitors in the current market. With predicted product, fashion and cycling trends of customisation and vintage aesthetics, the Whisk has the ability to provide a lot of fun to a lot of people.

Kat Harris (Industrial Design & Technology BA) in collaboration with Charge Bikes