Custom Creams | Blast

The Cryomixer is a machine that allows custom flavoured ice cream to be made in front of the consumer in 30 seconds. This project focuses on developing the next generation of Cryomixers for the up and coming ice cream brand; Custom Creams, who plan to create a global franchise over the next two years.

Currently the Cryomixer does not meet the needed food hygiene standards for franchise use and requires a lot of initial training before users are able to operate it efficiently. It also requires plenty of maintenance throughout its life due to the reliability of components.

Through a programme of research, calculations, prototyping and testing, careful consideration has been paid to the machine’s usability, reliability and maintenance. The requirements of design for manufacture and global food hygiene regulations were also taken into consideration to generate a commercially viable product. This final design consists of a magnetic latching mechanism, an agitator suspension unit and a food hygienic casing.

Rebecca Ash (Product Design BSc) in collaboration with Custom Creams