DMM International Ltd. | Emergency Escape Device

The Emergency Escape Device is an industrial under-load-releasable Personal Protective Equipment connector that allows rescue and military personnel to escape from rigging in emergency and life threatening situations, or when rapid disembarkation from a line is required. Research and in-the-field observations showed that at the outset of the development there were no suitable systems on the market that enabled personnel to easily escape when their life was in danger.

Experienced industry professionals were consulted throughout the development process. The resulting device was developed using extensive Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and experimental tensile stress analysis to ensure the forces were channelled correctly though the device. Over 20 prototypes of the final design direction were produced to perfect the shape of the design ensuring that the device functions correctly under load and is ergonomic and intuitive to use.

The system has undergone dynamic, static and user testing to ensure that the user is able to trust their life to the device under the most extreme and traumatic conditions.

Samuel Harris (Product Design Engineering BSc) in collaboration with DMM International Ltd