Guy's & St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust | EasyHold - Enteral tube feeding

Enteral tube feeding is a method of providing liquid nutrition when someone cannot receive food orally. This unnatural process is time-consuming, awkward and must be managed several times each day, which impacts on both the patient and caregiver.

The project has created an assistive device for enteral tube feeding with children. The product simplifies initiating the flow of the feed and elevates the syringe to the height required for gravity feeding, whilst minimising the appearance of the syringe. This versatile mounting solution can be worn by the caregiver or attached to a nearby object, thus enabling hands-free delivery. EasyHold reduces the workload of providing feeds and contributes to normalising the patient’s eating routine.

Reuben Kettle Aiers (Industrial Design and Technology BA) in collaboration with Guy’s & St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust & Charity.