Jones & Partners | PATCH

Households in the UK currently discard 4.4 million tonnes of edible food waste per year, 37% of which is fruit and vegetables. With consumers throwing away fruit and vegetables but still struggling to meet the 5-A-Day guideline, a more engaging way to experience fresh fruit and vegetables is needed. Patch aims to tackle this problem by reconnecting consumers with the source of their food, by providing a means of growing their own edible plants indoors. Patch features a disposable grow packet that, when watered, grows fresh microgreens directly from the packet.

Microgreens are very young salad vegetables, which can have up to 40 times the nutrients than their adult selves, making them exceptionally good for you. With some microgreens taking as little as 10 days to fully grow indoors, it was essential that the disposable grow packet had the least environmental impact possible.

The project focused on material science, selecting environmentally friendly materials that allowed simple growing and disposal. After extensive growing experiments and material testing, a complete product was created that combined exciting new materials that are all completely biodegradable and compostable.

To deliver this new means of growing, a pod was created to hold the grow packet. The product is aimed at the office market, engaging with consumers on a daily basis whilst bringing a touch of greenery to the workplace. This playful pod was designed to feature on a desk or be placed on the specially designed wall mount. When mounted, the product can become part of an ever changing living wall to engage users with fresh healthy food.

Alex Godbold (Product Design BSc) in collaboration with Jones and Partners