Jones & Partners

Jones and Partners

Designing for the home is the specialty of Jones & Partners. The London-based SME creates a wide-range of products, from chairs and tables, to storage space and lighting structures. The company has repeatedly teamed up with Co-Innovate, producing commercially viable results.

“Business technology changes daily and it is good to have young people in the office to keep you on your toes,” said Craig Jones, founder of Jones & Partners design practice. “At Brunel, there is a high level of ability to do what today’s technology is capable of and a high level of education in regards to working with businesses.”

Founded in 2000, Jones & Partners produces products for places like Herman Miller, Deadgood, KI, Connection, Cambridge Park and Thinking Works. The company has been involved with Brunel University London and its Co-Innovate initiative for three years, including several successful collaborations and one employee gained – Paul Scopes.

“You get to work with a student and see whether they fit within your business and if their skill base fits before hiring them,” said Craig. “Regarding Paul’s case, we could get on with him and his way of thinking was natural for our business.”

New product design geared toward the office market was another benefit. Student Alex Godbold created a way to grow fresh microgreens indoors. Patch, is a disposable and biodegradable pod, which allows on-the-go consumers to enjoy healthy food without much effort. Using materials science, Alex carried out extensive growing experiments and materials testing to deliver nutrient substantial greens that would grow in office environments in ten days.

“Jones & Partners opened their doors, giving me full access to all the facilities they had. These included a fully kitted out workshop, 3D printers, top-end design software and the help and guidance of their brilliant in-house designers,” said Alex, currently working as a retail designer in London.

“This support enabled me to get the most out of the project and ultimately succeed.”

Brunel Design focuses on solving problems. Patch was an engaging way for consumers to adhere to healthy and sustainable living, while allowing a company to experiment with different ideas.