Brand Strategy Workshop | Contemporary and Emerging Issues in Branding


This workshop will identify emergent trends, explore the world of e-commerce, including online communication and social networking.

  • What are the current issues?
  • What challenges are facing your business today?
  • How do we adapt to the rapid development of the Internet, the global vs local market need, cross-cultural issues, corporate (social) responsibility and climate change?

Who Should Attend

Middle management professionals, marketeers, creative directors, design managers, brand champions, advertising & promotion executives or PR and media related personnel, who are aiming to improve their skills, update knowledge, learn about competitors’ best practice, and equip themselves and their organisations with innovative strategic thinking.

The Objectives

To help sharpen your understanding of innovative skills and methods to respond to our new tech, fast changing, unpredictable and less tangible marketplace by discovering how design can improve your strategies to:

  • get your product/brand chosen
  • be one step ahead of your competitors
  • make profit through building brand value
  • retain credibility, trust and meaning

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