Innovation Strategy Workshop | Does your organisation need a fresh approach to innovation? Audit your innovation process and create your own personal action plan.


The Challenge

No business or organisation today is immune from competitive threat. Innovation is the key to survival. Through innovation, you can stay one step ahead of your existing competitors, whilst also protecting yourself from any intruders who enter your market with surprising new brands or business models. Innovation can enable you to meet the increasingly complex demands of consumers and buyers.

In survey after survey of leading international businesses and SMEs, the need for innovation is seen as one of the top three tasks facing management, but it also an area where confidence is remarkably low.
In the past, innovation was about the development of new products. Today, it is about much more than that. It’s about reinventing your business processes and identifying entirely new markets to meet untapped customer needs. Most importantly, it’s about selecting the right ideas and bringing them to market as quickly as possible.

Who Should Attend

  • MDs and Middle Management professionals,
  • Brand and Marketing Management,
  • Technical & Technology Managers,
  • R&D Managers,
  • Product & Service Development Managers,
  • Design Managers,
  • Management in Local Government amd Not For Profit Organisations,
  • Innovation professionals…

… who are aiming to learn about innovation best practice and equip themselves and their organisations with innovative strategic thinking.

The Objectives

In this workshop, you will review your company’s innovation process and strategy. By looking at any barriers that currently prevent innovation and recognising opportunities for change, you will identify the basis for a new approach.

During the workshop, you will:

  • use an innovation dashboard to explore common issues facing all delegates and to identify what differentiates your organisation
  • creatively explore issues relating to process, relationships, partners, market knowledge, strategy and culture
  • understand whether your organisation is innovating effectively, in line with best practice, particularly in the field of design and design thinking
  • discuss contemporary innovation case studies and explore their relevance to your organisation
  • investigate today’s emerging innovation tools and processes
  • create a personal action plan to develop innovation within your organisation.

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