BEST Connections 2015

24 March 2015


Join us at our annual networking event on:

Tuesday 24th March 2015

  • Meet future Managers
  • Share your expertise
  • Promote your company to young professionals
  • Make your own connections
  • Have fun!

Hamilton Centre, Brunel University London

What is BEST Connections?
Our annual networking event is where we train our students the art of networking and they put their skills into practice with real employers like yourself.

When are you needed?
The networking session starts at 4.30pm, this is where we are looking for your support to join our academic and professional staff and other industry guest employers to network with our final year undergraduate and postgraduate taught students across the business, media, economic and financial sector degree pathways.

What is the role of an industry guest networker?
Guests will arrive to a refreshments and canapés reception at 4.30pm where you will then receive a flower carnation to wear, signifying that they are a guest networker.
The main event takes the form of a speed networking session, fellow guests like yourself and students will have 6 minutes to chat and exchange information before the whistle is blown and then it is on to the next person. Speed networking runs for approximately 1 hour.

What is in it for you?
Apart from sharing your knowledge, meeting new talent and having a bit of fun! All guests and yourself will enjoy a wine and buffet reception following the speed networking session to network amongst yourselves.
We are continuing to build our program around supporting and integrating businesses into the Brunel Business School. This year attendees will have an opportunity to engage with one of the world’s leading social networking and engagement companies Educated Change work with the world’s leading brands on Moving Reputation, Engagement, Social Networking and Bringing entrepreneurial innovation into companies. Peter Klein the CEO of Educated Change is on the Brunel Business School staff and will be running a seminar on one of the 3 subjects that you chose. If you are thinking of attending we want to give you the choice of the 45 minute seminar that you think would be of the most interest to you.

You can choose from the following:

Personal Branding – How do you engage your employees and their networks to build your reputation and business. The seminar will provide attendees with practical ideas on how to use LinkedIn, Twitter and Google to deliver thought leadership and engagement beyond your physical network.

Employee Engagement – According to Gallop less than 30% of your employees are engaged at work. The cost of this for any business is expensive at multiple levels. Understand how to create employee engagement, build it into your customer and service experience and improve productivity.

Be Entrepreneurial – This seminar asks how entrepreneurship and innovation can thrive in corporations. How does and do you apply it to your major business challenges? What do brands, corporations and their agencies need to be today and tomorrow in order to be at the sharp end of entrepreneurial thinking and innovation?

To put yourself down to attend, please click the attending button on this event site or