Brand Strategy Workshop 2

5 February 2014

30 January | 5 February | 19 February
Royal Institution of Great Britain, London W1S 4BS

How to make your brand really work for your company….and become your number one asset in a series of three skills workshops: 1 Analyse, 2 Plan, 3 Build

Building & sustaining a successful brand is one of today’s key business objectives. It is also at the heart of creating business value.

Every day we are confronted by brands and, in our own way, have become experts. Yet, here lies the strange contradiction. We are ‘aware’ of branding but usually don’t ‘action’ this knowledge for our own organisation. This series of three half day workshops are aimed at harnessing your knowledge and putting it to work for your brand. Working through from workshop one you will gain practical, useful and current knowledge of how to think about your brand and make it work for you.

These workshops are facilitated by John Boult andChris Holt. John is a Design Strategy consultant specialising in design as an innovation cultural change agent. John is also an Associate Professor of Design Strategy at Brunel University. Chris is the module leader for Strategic Design Management on Brunel’s MA programme and a design management consultant in his own right working with companies like the Boeing Aircraft Corporation, Amadeus and London Artscom.

Workshop 2 | Plan – Exploring Possible Future Strategies for your Brand

5 February 2014 | 3.00pm – 6.00pm
Royal Institution of Great Britain, London W1S 4BS

In Workshop Two we will explain issues that brand owners face in trying to build competitive brand strategies & work with you to understand their relevance to your brand. Specifically during this second workshop we will address the following topics:

  • Decisions facing Brand Owners: including simplifying Brand Architecture; Rebranding & why renaming, new logo, new look… are not necessarily the best way forward
  • Current & future trends within branding (How important is social media and to whom? Use the trends rather than let them catch you out)
  • How to use design to get value from your brand by developing, extending & stretching your products or services

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Workshop 3 | Build – Practical Steps to Start Constructing your Future Brand

19 February 2014 | 3:00pm – 6.00pm
Royal Institution of Great Britain, London W1S 4BS

In this Workshop we take your future plans & suggest ways in which they can enhanced & implemented by addressing the following topics:

  • Funding routes – How to maximise investment by briefing design & other external agencies in a ‘strategic’ manner – The value of Brand Extensions & ‘Silver Bullets’ in building a dynamic brand
  • How design & creativity are delivering distinctive customer experiences that in turn are building great brands
  • The building of your internal brand & engagement with work colleagues & how to motivate from a brand perspective through simple techniques
  • The role of sensory branding, emotional branding, spiritual branding & experience design
  • Why your brand should have consistency, continuity and integration across your organisation, touchpoints & the stories you tell
  • How Brand Audits can keep your brand on track

For more information and to register your interest please email Amanda Baker.