Co-Innovate Brunel Design Research event

18 September 2012


Design connections in product & service innovation
18th September 2012, 6.30pm – 9.00pm
Michael Sterling Atrium, Brunel University, Kingston Lane, Uxbridge

This interactive event aimed to inspire industry to connect with Brunel University Design for product and service innovation.

The event was part of the London Design Festival one-day listings. Brunel’s world leading design team showcased their latest research projects in the areas of smart textiles, urban design, biomedical electronics, human centred design, biomimichry and sustainability. We work for a diverse range of industry sectors solving business problems in areas such as medical, consumer, retail, transport, communications and technology.

A drinks reception was followed by an interactive exhibition of Brunel Design Research. Liam O’Toole, CEO at Arthritis Research UK, gave a keynote presentation on the challenges and aspirations within the “Living with Arthritis” space, including new ways of collaborating with end users, industry, research and design.

Brunel University with Designplus have recently been successful in securing a major European grant for supporting innovation through collaboration with industry. This event previewed some of the leading research being carried out within Brunel University’s Design subject area and we aimed to stimulate discussion and interest in how to maximise the potential of our links with industry which can be supported through the Co-Innovate programme.

Our interactive exhibition of Brunel Design Research included:

Biomimetics: Dr Richard Bonser’s research takes inspiration from nature. His latest European funded project is constructing a soft bodied octopus inspired robot leading to innovations in fabrication of waterproof skins, touch sensors and suckers.

Biomedical devices: Dr Xiao Liu’s team is creating low-power, high-reliability, miniaturised devices for medical and wearable technology applications.

Open innovation & the Artefact Café: Dr Sharon Baurley’s team, working as part of the £40M Horizon Digital Economy Research programme, is exploring how to enable people to design and create their own products and artefacts, using a suite of digital and fabrication technologies.

Inclusive Design: Dr Hua Dong’s research, including the ‘Design Bugs Out’ project with the NHS, Design Council and others, demonstrates how design can innovate in significant areas of human centred challenges, such as the “ageing society”.

Many more of our design research experts showcased their work in areas, including:

Urban Design – Professor Graeme Evans, Sustainable Design – Professor David Harrison, Human Centred Design – Professor Joseph Giacomin