Co-Innovate workshop No1 Open design and the digital economy

11 December 2012


9:00-12:30 Tuesday 11 December 2012
Brunel University Design Exhibition Centre

Co-Innovate* workshops bring together people to share ideas and knowledge and act as a catalyst for potential further collaborative activities linked to new product and service development.

There is an active and dynamic community of makers, DIYers, product hackers and lead users who make, invent, manufacture new products, and modify and appropriate existing products – and openly share these through social media channels. Companies like Fiat and IDEO, and co-design platforms such as, and crowdsourcing design sites such as and, are starting to use internet tools to tap into their consumer base to obtain insight for new product development.

Brunel Design is researching into approaches and techniques to facilitate people’s design and making aspirations, and how this can be formalised through fabrication centres, and a purpose built online platform through which consumers can have design conversations with brands and manufacturers about products.

Our first Co-Innovate workshop is aimed at London SMEs and others interested in exploring activities in this emerging ‘open design’ space, hearing insights from the research, and to discuss opportunities that this phenomenon presents in relation to innovation challenges businesses currently face.

Brunel Design’s research into open design and the digital economy is funded by the RCUK Digital Economy Programme and Horizon Digital Economy Institute. To find out more click here.

*Co-Innovate is a two year Brunel and EU funded programme to provide design based support and mentoring to London SMEs in new product and service development including opening up access to Brunel’s leading research, resources and expertise.