Co-innovation Platforms and Design Dramas

2 May 2014

A Brunel University & Royal College of Art workshop exploring research into the development of platforms and techniques to enhance the development of assistive technologies for people with dementia

10:00 – 15:00
Royal College of Art, Kensington, London

We are inviting a carefully selected group of stakeholders with interests in the development of assistive technologies, including for people with dementia, to this development workshop which comes towards the end of a year long research project funded by the Arts & Humanities Research Council and carried out by Brunel and Nottingham Universities. Participants will see the results of the research to-date including design-dramas available on an interactive web platform. The workshop activity will explore:

  • The various needs for,and benefits of a co-innovation platform approach
  • Potential activity ‘pathways’ for stakeholders engaging with the platform
  • Challenges and barriers to the adoption of co-innovation platforms
  • Creative design ideas for enhancing platform concepts

Lunch and refreshments provided.

Please note that this event is by invitation only – if you are interested, please get in touch.