Eco-procurement in Packaging Opinion Former Event

19 May 2009

At this Designplus opinion former event we explored areas of common interest within packaging procurement and sustainability issues, and opportunities to link academic knowledge, industry needs and design practice.

Aim and objectives: to obtain new insights into the role of design disciplines within current packaging and procurement practices.

During this breakfast event we

  • explored strategic actions
  • tackled key issues related to eco-procurement for packaging
  • determined priorities

Here’s a brief summary of key directions identified at this event:

Key directions emerging from this event on 19 May 2009

Table A: key directions

  1. Knowledge Transfer events: sharing case studies that add value
  2. Consumer Education (in moments of Truth): at retail / point of purchase
  3. Education in Schools: educate the educators

Table B: key directions

  1. Education for Designers What is sustainability?
    How to integrate it into design?
    In-house courses: industry experts
  2. Event: bring together stakeholders from the entire process:
    – retailers
    – designers
    – manufacturers
    – local gov to exchange Knowledge, Experience, Emerging Issues, Innovation
  3. Collaborative project: Website – database & forum
    Reliable information
    Sharing Info
    Support network

Table C: key directions

  1. In-house courses for buyers & Designers
  2. Improving quality & trust in ECO-Procurement information sources, eg online
  3. A Packaging Expert that can bridge communication between industry & academia

Table D: key directions

  1. workshop with designers and brand owners
    – LCA / Science
    – Shaping consumer behaviour
  2. Sustainable Production