Innovating Business Models

12 May 2015

Part 1 of a three step start-up workshop series

A series of three workshops to inspire and help you grow your business

(9.00am registration, 9.30am start, finising at 2.00pm)

Location: London, SE1 just a short walk from Waterloo station

1. Innovating Business Models and the Business Model Canvas

How to strengthen and reinvigorate your business

Tuesday 12th May


The Business Model Canvas (BMC) is a simple map / canvas of your organisation split into key areas such as ‘Customer Segments’ or ‘Key Partners’. This workshop will demonstrate the value of re-thinking the way in which your business improves and connects these components; it will also guide you in ways to develop this method of business development with your business associates or colleagues.

The BMC is a hands-on tool that fosters understanding, discussion, creativity, and analysis about your future business. Content We will work with you, discuss and explain a lot about business models and why they are important.

During the workshop we will address the following topics:

1. Why Innovate Business Models? An interactive introduction to why ‘business models’ are a number one discussion point within successful businesses, examples of new business models and their impact on competitors.

2. The BMC Explained: How the Business Model Canvas has evolved how it works. We will discus and analyse, collectively, other business through the use of the canvass and other tools.

3. The BMC and You: Start to analyse or deepen the analysis of your company through the BMC so creating a personal Action Plan for your business.

Workshop Approach and Outcomes

All this is done in a spirit of discovery, participation with workshop colleagues, interaction and, hopefully, some occasional fun. The workshop draws on contemporary real life experiences and case studies, as well as insights from business theorists and academics. This workshop will invigorate your appetite to re-create or revitalise your business. This is also an opportunity to share and contrast experiences with other managers, executives who face similar branding challenges.

Who would benefit

All types of business can benefit from this workshop. You could be a company that is successful but needs to rethink how you develop your business further. You could also be a start-up or a relatively new business and wish to plan your future to maximise your potential for survival and growth. Past participants have said that the BMC gave them a whole new perspective on their business; they not only saw their business in a new way but could see how it could/should be developed; Inspiring, confidence building and valuable are common comments on this workshop and the facilitator.

The Facilitator

This Workshop is written and delivered by John Boult who has considerable innovation experience and reputation in the UK. John’s experience is through his work with leading UK consultancy Productfirst and his role as Associate Professor of Design Strategy at Brunel University, where he lectures on Innovation, Branding and Foresight. His working experience covers international and UK projects; directorships with Michael Peters (Asia-Pacific) Limited providing brand solutions for Japanese companies; founding editorial board member and series contributor to newdesign magazine. As an independent consultant, he has devised, delivered and advised throughout the world on innovation/training for NGO and Government bodies including the UK Design Council and its Designing Demand programme. His workshops on Business Model Canvass have been delivered to individual companies in the UK as well as multi-company events for UK, Brazilian and Korean companies.

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