Innovative Manufacturing

7 May 2014


Are You Ready for the Future of Manufacturing?

10.00 – 14.30
Cavendish Room, Hospitality Suite Brunel University, Uxbridge, UP8 3PH

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It is generally accepted that most of the lifetime environmental impact of a product is determined at the design stage. With modern manufacturing increasingly moving towards re-use, re-cycling and re-manufacture, it is imperative a determination to reuse and recycle is built into the design process – not only to ensure the use of materials and energy to manufacture a product be made more effective, but the environmental impact over the whole life of the product is minimised.

The big question is, of course, ‘how is this to be done?’

Based around the BS8887 standard for Design for Manufacture, Assembly, Disassembly and End-of Life processing (MADE), this free event is the latest in a series of themed ‘Industrial Platform’ events run by the Brunel University Innovative Manufacturing Collaborative Research Network (IMCRN). Industrial and academic speakers will talk about future challenges faced by manufacturing industries and the role National and International Standards can play in supporting, driving and guiding future development. Of particular interest to delegates from industry will be the examples of how standards have already helped the speakers’ own companies to improve their work practices, process and management.


10.00Registration and coffee

10.30Welcome to Brunel
Professor Geoff Rodgers, Vice Principal for Research, Brunel University

Standards from National and International Perspective

10.40British Standards Instituition
Ben Sheridan, Market Development Manager, High Value Manufacturing, BSI

11.00Design ‘made simple’ with BS 8887
Brian Griffiths, Chair, BS8887 Technical Committee

Standards from an Industrial and Commercial Perspective

11.20Practical experiences of BS8887
John McCallum, Assured Performance Group

11.40Remanufacturing & Reuse – the future?
Ben Peace, Manager, Centre for Remanufacturing & Reuse

12.00Knowledge Transfer Networks
Richard Pitman, Flexible Manufacturing SIG, KTN

12.20Remarketing – what is it?
Colin Weaver, General Manager Engineering, Ricoh

Assistance and Funding Opportunities

12.40Funding & Collaboration Opportunities
Baljinder Ghoman, Business Projects Manager, Brunel University

13.00Group discussion/Q&A

13.20Closing remarks
Richard Bateman, AMEE Group, Brunel University

13.30Networking Lunch