13 September 2012

DesignPlus PIN group email

Design Profession & Education Futures
Thursday 13th September 2012

*PIN is a Chinese character meaning product with quality and integrity and we know that good design is vital for determining quality and integrity. This event asked how design education and the design profession in China and the UK will respond to global challenges and contribute to future quality and integrity in products and services?

Building on the highly successful Sino-UK Higher Education Collaboration on Upcycling of Industry Leftovers held in Guangzhou, China in May 2012 organised by the British Council and attended by 10 UK Universities and 6 of the leading Chinese Universities for design; senior academics from these Chinese Universities attended the event and presented an overview of the design profession and design education in China. Other high profile speakers presented the UK perspective for design within business, design consultancy and the Higher Education scene.

This well attended event was opened and chaired byProfessor Graeme Evans, Chair in Design, Brunel University who introduced the following speakers:

Stephen Green, Programme Director, Integrated Product Design: Brunel Design – A brief introduction

Rob Holdway, Co-founder and Director of environmental management consultants Giraffe Innovation: Design and Sustainability Futures

Di Yang, Higher Education Manager, British Council, China: Up-cycling Industrial Waste materials project

Steve May-Russell, MD, Smallfry Design consultants and BDI Director: UK Design consultancies’ future view

Sophie Thomas, Co-Director of Design, Royal Society of Arts: Design futures in UK higher education

There followed a panel discussion and breakout sessions and the day ended with a tour of Brunel Design.Event partners: Brunel University, British Council, British Design Council and Designplus