Speed sketching students selected for MEX conference

19 September 2012


Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Reporting the future of mobile UX from MEX 2012

MEX, a two day event held in London where 100 of the brightest minds in mobile user experience learn techniques, define best practice and create new ideas. The 11th international MEX set out to define best practice and create new ideas in 6 Pathways – Diffusion, Concurrency, Sensation, Context, Clarity and Speed – each focused on a specific aspect of mobile user experience.

Exploration of these Pathways began some months before in essays and conversations among the MEX community. The 19th – 20th September event in London was the focal point for participants from 11 different countries to expand these discussions.

A select team of Brunel Design students once more acted as visualisers at the London MEX event. The students were selected through a speed sketching test and then briefed by Marek Pawlowski, the founder of MEX, who then gave a talk at Brunel University to undergraduate and postgraduate design students on future trends in the mobile experience industry.

At the MEX conference the selected students contributed to the innovation workshops acting as dedicated illustrators, visualising the concepts and thoughts created by each team and working with attendees and expert facilitators to produce tangible visual outputs.

Marek Pawlowski, Founder, MEX commented: ‘MEX went extremely well and the outstanding contribution from the Brunel team was a major factor in its success. Each new Brunel team we’ve worked with seems to exceed expectations, but I was particularly impressed by the dedication, creativity and skills of the most recent recuits. Their participation was noted not just by me as organiser, but by several of the industry attendees too.’