Trends and Market Insights

20 May 2015

Part 2 of a three step start-up workshop series

A series of three workshops to inspire and help you grow your business

(9.00am registration, 9.30am start, finising at 2.00pm)

Location: London, SE1 just a short walk from Waterloo station

2. Trends and Market Insights

How understanding consumers and market trends can help you take your business forward

Wednesday 20th May

This session is about how understanding consumers and markets can help you take your business forward.

First, we’ll have a look at how a behavioural trends practice connects the dots to uncover the underlying/in-depth needs and wants of consumers.

Behavioural trends are a fantastic way to find inspiration for new product ideas and to increase consumer engagement.

Then we’ll be looking how to identify industry and market trends and use insights to make better products and services and reinforce your market position.

We’ll also hear a few case studies on how businesses have used trend or market input to succeed.

And finally, we’ll explore tools and resources to help you take your business further and how you can apply these learnings to your business.

This will be an interactive workshop and will include guided breakout sessions and applied learnings for your business.

The Facilitator

Jerome Linder is a product development consultant specialised in consumer trends, innovation and sensorial design. He’s worked for a decade in the world of flavours & fragrances, exploring consumer behaviours to drive innovation in food and packaging. He’s since extended his expertise further and now works with start-ups, SMEs and global manufacturing companies alike to create new product and services. His clients include Nike, Samsung, Nestlé, Zurich Insurance, Coca-Cola, Burger King, Oslo Airport and he’s even collaborated with Heston Blumenthal.

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